War Eagle!

I feel sorry for people who are not sports fans.  Last night, Auburn defeated Alabama in the Iron Bowl, the most intense college football  game you will ever see, in a rivalry game more bitter than any other, and with more at stake than in any prior meeting between the teams.

Here is video of the call of the incredible final play by Verne Lundquist on CBS.  The kick is at the 3:00 mark. Brent Musberger- pay attention at the 3:50  mark of the video. What we needed was Howard Cosell to blare: Down Goes Bama, Down Goes Bama, Down Goes Bama! Or maybe Verne could have added : "yes sir!"

Here is the Auburn radio network with their call of the final play: 

An Auburn fan puts the game into words

Two weeks ago, Auburn had another miracle finish against Georgia - the catch now known as the Immaculate Deflection. That one turned out to only be a tease for last night: