Thumbs up for naming Pope Paul Francis as 'Time Man of the Year'

Pope Francis is off to a great start.  After all, how often does a man became person of the year in his first year on the job?  I like the choice for several reasons: 1) It's nice to see a religious leader, a man who represents millions around the world; 2) He has not started any wars or promised public programs that he can't deliver; and, 3) I like his frank approach to issues.  I may disagree with him here and there but I like the fact that he forces us to talk about these issues. On abortion and same sex marriage,  Pope Francis is pro-life and believes in traditional marriage.   His comments are about our tone or the language that we use to criticize others.  That's what I heard! On matters of social justice, Pope Francs is not a communist or Marxist.    I've had conversations with Latin American clergy over the years.  They've seen poverty.  Like Pope Francis, they've seen the slums of Rio...(Read Full Post)