The 'Duck' is all about the left being bored with Obama

Why is the left picking a fight?  The answer is that they are ready to come "Undone" as the Guess Who used to say.

Let's look at this partial list of disappointments:

1) GITMO is still open and it won't close anytime soon;

2) The NSA program has really shaken up liberals;

3) The "still in place Bush anti-terror policies" that they hated so much at "the yes we can" rally;

4) Income inequality at a high level in the 5th year of "hope and change" (Income Inequality Worse Under Obama Than George W. Bush);

5) Black unemployment is very bad under our first black president;

6) The Iran deal under attack by Senate Democrats;

7) Global warming not so warm; and,

8) The Obama Care "roll out" has raised serious concerns about competence and the future of liberalism.   One more change was made this week.  You can make a good case that the law is falling apart.

My point is that you will see a very aggressive left on same sex marriage, abortion, Voter ID cards, and the issues that create excitement with the base. They need something to grab and "get pumped up about."  It already started with Charles Blow bringing racism into it

The good news is that these issues will get people excited at the rally. The bad news is this base is way to the left of the country.

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