Surviving the New Middle East

The US is embracing fundamentalist Islam. First, she embraced Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and now its the turn of Shiite Iran. The US certainly doesn't want to take the side of the Sunnis against the Shiites. And she is tired of taking the side of Israel against both the Shiites and the Sunnis. That's why the US, especially under Obama, has been undermining Israel at every turn. That's the new Middle East.

Israel and the Gulf states are imperiled by this reality. Fundamentalist Islam doesn't accept the Balfour Declaration and the creation of Israel. It is dedicated to its destruction. The Arab Peace Initiative suggests they would be willing to accept Israel 's '67 "borders" but I wouldn't count on it. Even if we accepted the '67 lines they would still demand the right of return which is a euphemism for the destruction of the Jewish state. Clearly, if Israel falls or is weakened, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states will also fall and maybe Egypt too.

I don't think the US sees this as a bad thing. After all, the oil money they have is too concentrated to help the Arab masses in Jordan and Egypt and Sunni Syria. This is a source of instability.

The only hope Israel has to avoid being emasculated, territory wise, or Jewish wise, is to form a mutual defense pact with Eqypt, Jordan and the Gulf States wherein they agree to back the annexation by Israel of most of Judea and Samaria and Israel agrees to come to their defense. Such a rapprochement would take years to achieve. The Gulf money, the Egyptian army and population with Israel in the lead would be more than a match for Iran and the shiites. The US would not take sides.

Anything less, such as bombing Iran's facilities, would afford temporary relief only.  Clearly, Zionism is the biggest destabilizer of all. Israel must find acceptance by the Sunni Arabs.

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