President Obama and Hispanics

There is a very old Spanish phrase that goes like this:  "No hay mal que dure cien años."  My mother always mentions that  phrase when she is talking about the Castro dictatorship in Cuba.

It literally means "nothing bad lasts 100 years." Perhaps a better translation is that nothing lasts forever. 

Well, the Hispanic "blind love" for President Obama has apparently run its course.  

"Hispanos" have finally opened their eyes and realized that they were used cynically by a Democrat party that talks a good game but never solves any of their concerns

The Spanish word for that is "charlatanes."  (I probably don't have to translate that one)

We got a poll today that Hispanic support is down:

"Hispanics are the most disappointed by President Barack Obama, according to a new Gallup Poll.   

While the president's job approval rating dropped 12 percent among the general population over the last year, declining from 53 percent last December to 41 percent in November, it plunged twice as much among Latinos.  

Obama's approval rating dropped 23 points among Latinos, from 75 percent in December, 2012 to 52 percent in November.  

Latinos played a critical role in the president's re-election, with 71 percent of the community's voters casting their ballots for him.  

The report on the poll results noted that the waning support for Obama among Latinos may spell trouble for Democrats running for office in 2014." 

I think that the Democrats' biggest challenge in 2014 will be to get Hispanics out to vote.  The Obama team did not make that mistake in 2012.

The GOP can take advantage of this "desencanto" by following this strategy:

1) Keep talking about jobs and economic growth;

2) Talk about taxes and regulations because a lot of Hispanics are small business owners;

3) Pass a very limited version of The Dream Act for young people in high school or college.  What's the point of punishing young people who were brought here by their parents?  Attach this to a tough border security bill and prosecute employers who hire workers without papers.  By the way, the "missing truck incident" reminded us that a truck could indeed driver over the border;

4) Keep reminding young Hispanics that they will paying for ObamaCAre. President Obama never mentioned that at the "si se puede" rally or the annual "5 de Mayo" speech;

5) Support life and traditional marriage; and,

6) Talk more about commerce with Latin America.  Many of the beneficiaries are Hispanic business in the US.    The Obama administration's indifference toward Latin America has hurt the US economy and allowed China, and worse Iran, to walk in without consequences.

Please note that I did not say a word about "a path to citizenship" or amnesty.   At the same time, the "hateful" rhetoric turns off people, including me and I've voted GOP all of my life.  In other words, it's hard for me to get angry with  25-year olds fixing my roof because the federal government will not go after the employers who hired them!

The Spanish reaction to this poll is simple:   "Ya es hora" or it's about time. Let's hope that the GOP can see the hole and rush for a first down!


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