Obama's Democrat enemies

I claim no special insider knowledge of the Democratic Party's inner workings, but still I am rather certain that discontent with President Obama is bubbling beneath the veneer of public unity behind the Nation's First Black President. The unfolding disaster of Obamacare is on track to explode in 2014, as tens of millions of Americans will lose their coverage when the employer mandate kicks in. 

Starting on January first, there will be stories of people showing up for emergency care, only to discover they have been "enrolled" according to the administration, but their insurance company was never paid so they are uninsured. There will be people on chemotherapy who are cut off despite being told they were "enrolled." Watch for it: enrolled is going to become a dirty word, an ironic reference to the incompetence of the Obama regime.

The plunge in the generic Congressional ballot foreshadows an awful reckoning for Democrats who marched in lockstep to pass Obamacare without even a single Republican vote. Ted Cruz forced their hands in 2013, egging them into shutting down the government rather than acquiesce to a pause or a defunding in Obamacare. Solidarity with the Nation's First Black President forced them to double down. In November, that bet comes due.

So it should be no surprise if more than a little resentment over being forced to fall on their swords is percolating. Nobody will breathe a hint (yet) to friendly media types, but I would wager a substantial amount that grumbling  through clenched teeth takes place whenever Dem veterans get together and lubricate the discussion with adult beverages.

Of course, there is one group of veteran Democrats that does have a license to let it be known, just a smidgen, that this former Illinois state legislator backbencher has mucked things up so badly that picking yup the pieces is going to be a terrible ordeal, once he leaves the Oval Office and follows the Bill Clinton Plan for Instant and Substantial Wealth from Speaking Fees. That would be members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Because the black community remains the sole constituency still solid in its support of Obama, a little discretion is necessary. But it is safer for a man like, say, Charles Rangel, than it would be for Mary Landrieu to drop hints here and there.

Which brings me to this article in today's New York Post, "Venom between Obama and Rangel." Michael Gartland writes:

They're two of the most powerful African-American politicians in the land. And by most accounts, President Obama and Rep. Charles Rangel hate each other.

The most recently revealed salvo in their war of words - Obama's assertion that Rangel is a "hack," according to the political tome "Double Down" - is just one element of a long-dysfunctional relationship.

Rangel supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary, but the seeds of mutual disdain were planted before that, according to Democratic insiders and staffers for both pols.

"There's a cultural difference. There was always a pecking order of who [Rangel] perceived as being part of the struggle during the civil-rights movement," said Vincent Morgan, a Rangel aide from 2001 to 2004 who campaigned for Obama in 2008 and ran against the Harlem congressman in 2010.

Because Rangel enjoys a protective shield on account of his blackness, nobody is accusing him of calling Obama "uppity" - the inevitable race card that would be played against any white politician daring to express similar thoughts. Thus Rangel is able to articulate positions that remain inaccessible to other Democrats, especially those who see their political careers maybe ending next November:

In recent months, Rangel has been one of Obama's most prominent Democratic critics. He has railed against Obama's stance on Syria, IRS reviews of conservative organizations and, perhaps most of all, the rollout of ObamaCare.

So keep your eyes peeled for more grumbling for the ranks. I don't expect it to be out in the open until after the November election next year. But if the Dems suffer a defeat commensurate with their current standing in the generic poll, the bubbles of discontent will break the surface. Let's face it: Obama has told a ton of lies, and there are people out there who know the truth. Once he is politically wounded and bleeding, Katy bar the door, especially if African-Americans lead the charge.

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