Obamacare's opportunity cost

How much in actual health care could have been paid for with the taxpayer amounts currently being spent on developing websites for people to sign up for health insurance plans they aren't happy with?.   

Consider Oregon.  According to the most recent numbers from the Kaiser Foundation the average cost of  one day of in patient hospital care in Oregon was $2,967. Oregon has 36 hospitals with a total of 5916 beds,  $300 million in state and federal funds used for Oregon to build its website. would  pay for 101,112 days of hospitalization - enough to fill every hospital bed in Oregon for 17 days.  Instead, it went to pay government bureaucrats and software contractors.

Obama once famously railed about greedy doctors ordering unnecessary procedures.  The greed here seems to all be in favor of government workers and their favored -- and in some cases no-bid -- contractors.

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