ObamaCare: The 1962 Mets of health care programs

The 1962 New York Mets lost 120 out of 162 games.  They are the definition of baseball incompetence. They would have lost 122 but two rainouts were never rescheduled.

At least the '62 Mets were a charming bunch led by Casey Stengel and a Venezuelan shortstop named Elio Chacon who would scream "Yo la tengo" or "I got it." Chacon did not speak English and the outfielders did not speak Spanish.  The result was collisions and confusion, a bit like ObamaCare.

The latest of the ObamaCare stories is that people are shopping but nobody can really confirm that they are buying.  

It reminds me of the "story" of the sales manager who told a bunch of new recruits:  "No check, no credit for that application".

The WSJ has the latest flaw in this mother of all flaws:

"Insurers know that the hardest part of doing business in the individual market is getting customers to write a check. People are accustomed these days to automatic payroll deductions and the unseen lost wages of employer-sponsored insurance. Many Americans may enroll on the exchange but then fail to pay once they see monthly costs that could range from the equivalent of a cellphone bill if they qualify for subsidies (President Obama's favorite comparison) to premiums that can exceed $1,000 or huge deductibles for the unlucky who must overpay to finance the insurance of others. 

HHS also hasn't built the tools that would allow people to pay through the exchange. Customers must contact their putative insurer, who may not be aware of their existence because the federal exchanges continue to produce corrupted data on the "back end" that are crucial for insurers.

After stonewalling for weeks about the error rate, HHS now says it is down to 10%, which we suppose is good enough for government work. But some insurers are still processing applications by hand, not least because one of five customers are submitting them on paper, not electronically."

Looking back at the Mets, they did pick up a few young pitchers like Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan and won the '69 Series.  

ObamaCare won't be so lucky.

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