Obamacare so sloppily drafted that US Territories may be unable to have health insurance

The geniuses who foisted Obamacare on the public have another embarrassing failure on their hands. In drafting Obamacare, they left US Territories such as Guam, the Northern Marianas, and the Virgin Islands in an unsustainable limbo, covered by some requirements, but not by others. The end result is that it may be "literally impossible" to buy health insurance. Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post reports: Because of a quirk in the Affordable Care Act's drafting, the Northern Mariana Islands and the four other American territories are subject to some parts of the law but not others. This has messed up the individual market in the Northern Mariana Islands so badly that the one plan selling policies there told the territory's top insurance commissioner it would not sell new plans for 2014. In other words: Beginning Jan. 1, regulators expect it will be literally impossible for an individual to buy a new policy in the Northern Mariana Islands, and difficult in other territories. "In the...(Read Full Post)