Obama is not a Pathological Liar, He is an Ideological Liar

Like communism, the collapse of the Obama Administration agenda is inevitable, not solely as a result of its many flawed policies, but because it lacks an ethical dimension in regard to individual rights, justifiable criteria for its use of state coercion and, in particular, a respect for the truth. Stated simply, Obama lies because the true objectives of his fundamental transformation of the United States are incompatible with American democracy and tradition. Barack Obama's devotion to the Machiavellian dictum of "the ends justify the means" and lying as an instrument of government policy have been the tools of political extremists throughout history. Such means have their philosophical foundations in the ethical theory of Consequentialism, but have been applied for despotic ends. The theory holds that the consequences of one's conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of that conduct. Thus, a morally "right" act or omission is one that will produce a...(Read Full Post)