Is Bill Ayers getting ready to fess up on writing Dreams from My Father?

There are signs building that the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers is getting ready to confirm what AT contributor Jack Cashill demonstrated years ago: he was the actual author of Barack Obama's first purported autobiography, Dreams from My Father. If he does so, this could be political dynamite for a president who has already demonstrated to the American people that he is willing to lie when it suits his political interests, as in, "You can keep your health insurance. Period."

R. Emmett Tyrrell of The American Spectator offers the indicators that Ayers is getting ready to spill the beans:

Now Ayers is speaking up suggestively, as he has a book out, which it is not selling all that well. Enticingly, he suggests that he is the real author of President Obama's first book,Dreams from My Father.

Frankly I would have advised Our President to come clean about his bogus authorship years ago. Ayers is a decidedly shifty fellow and his wife, the former SDSer, Bernardine Dohrn, is worse. They were always spoiled university-bred radicals always expecting the Republic to fall for their Marxist mumbo jumbo. Yet America has never been very hospitable to the disciples of Papa Marx, much less when those disciples have pipe bombs in their hands. Now, at the end of a misspent life, Ayers suddenly anticipates yet another act. He will serve as a Saul Alinsky for the Millennials. (snip)

My guess is that he will admit to having written Obama's bestselling Dreams from My Father. (snip)

...time is running out for Bill Ayers. He is showing himself to be desperate for his last act. If he is going to identify himself as the real writer of Dreams from My Father it is going to have to come pretty soon.

Ayers is obviously an ego-driven man. Only someone a pathological ego could embrace murderous violence in the certitude that he would inspire the masses to overthrow and restructure society. Having sponsored Obama's political career, ghostwritten he book that more than anything else certified Obama's intellectual status to a gullible commentariat, and seen Obama take office and fail to follow through on Ayers's radical goals, Ayers must feel betrayed. Terrell's insight that there is not much time left, and that the failure of his book must rankle, makes sense.

There is a broader phenomenon at work as well. A dam has broken regarding Obama's credibility, and large numbers of people are angry at having been deceived. This anger will build over the coming year as people discover that back end problems on the website mean that their health care policies don't exist. Tens of millions will be losing their insurance and will discover that the alternatives are far more costly.

Last May, I wrote about what could happen next:

Once it becomes accepted that his narratives are false, a Pandora's Box opens.  To a remarkable degree, the biographical narrative he offered to the media when he suddenly appeared on the national scene, and which they accepted and aggressively defended, was built on illusion. 

Two polar opposite ways of seeing Barack Obama emerged in his first presidential campaign.  The mainstream view saw an inspiring, brilliant high achiever who could bring us together, while among conservatives, as exemplified over the years at American Thinker, a decidedly more negative interpretation of the biographical facts emerged.  Just a few of many possible examples include:

Mainstream media

Conservative dissident

Brilliant academic career

Transcripts remain sealed, affirmative action could have helped him

Community organizer -- man of the people, leader of others, cares about the poor

Saul Alinsky follower, ginned up astroturf demonstrations, ruthless

Constitutional law professor at famous university

Lecturer, leftist course, no academic distinction

Just a guy in the neighborhood. You're a McCarthyite

Started his political career in Bill Ayers's living room

Dreams proves he's brilliant

Dreams was written by Bill Ayers

Inspiring community leader

Annenberg Chicago Challenge he headed accomplished nothing

Greatest. Orator. Ever.

Off the teleprompter, not so much.

The problem is that not only is Obama a liar; he is a phony.  And bit by bit, the evidence is becoming clearer to more and more of the people who were taken in.

Obama is in for a very rough ride in 2014.

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