In Chicago, convicted government workers are highly qualified for government jobs

To understand the Chicago political culture which trained and nurtured President Barack Obama (D), and to further understand how he could endlessly promise "If you like your insurance plan/doctor you can keep your insurance plan/doctor.  Period,"  just take a look at this ordinary headline buried in yesterday's Chicago paper: Convicted political boss Al Sanchez running for Cook County board Former Chicago Streets and Sanitation commissioner rigged hiring to benefit party's foot soldiers And so the report matter of factly continues about those formerly convicted, filing to replace others newly convicted; just another political day in the life of Chicago which is located in C(r)ook County which is part of the state of Illinois.  All these government entities not so coincidentally have tanked bond ratings.  And, aside from a few complainers in the comments section, no one seems to feel there is anything wrong with these people running for office.  Indeed...(Read Full Post)