Hardcore Obama Supporters: Condescending, Patronizing - Racist

Here is Allen West Lowering standards or making excuses for blacks, other minority groups - or women for that matter - is the most insidious form of racism or sexism. And yet, this is what the liberal Left continues to do. On balance, what else can one conclude? Watergate ruined Richard Nixon. "Read my lips: no new taxes" cost George H.W. Bush his reelection. Iran-Contra nearly destroyed the Reagan second term. Katrina's incompetent local and state reactions, coupled with a tardy federal effort ended the viability of George W. Bush in his second term. Yet (1) Benghazigate (2) Keepgate: " ... keep your plan. Period" (3) ATFgate: Fast and Furious, (4) APgate: monitoring the Associated Press (5) Spygate: NSA spying (6) Lawgate: judicial "discretion" Nada President Obama gets a pass. Why is he held to a lesser standard? (Read Full Post)