Get over it: Jesus and Santa are White

Some people want to give Fox News's Megyn Kelly a lump of coal for Christmas after she remarked on Wednesday that Jesus and Santa Claus were white and that those who had a problem with it should just get over it. Well, I'm making a list and checking it twice, and I can tell you that, in this case, Kelly's critics are naughty and Kelly is nice.

That is to say, you critics, you will have to get over it because Jesus and Santa are white. It's really not a hard matter to sort out, either.

We should first be clear on what the various racial classifications actually are. Anthropologists generally define only three, and sometimes four, races. They are Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid (Asian) - and Australoid would be the fourth. And especially relevant here are Caucasoid's subgroups: Aryans, Hamites and Semites. 

So as far as Jesus goes, the answer should already be clear. Assuming He was Semitic - which isn't disputed too much - He was white. And, yes, Arabs and Persians are technically white as well.

As for Santa, it's also a slam dunk, as all the possible sources of his tradition involve white figures, whether real or fictional. The most common one, Saint Nicholas, was a fourth-century Christian bishop of what was then Myra, in Lycia, Anatolia, but is now part of Turkey. Of course, one could point out that Turks are mainly Caucasoid with a bit of Mongoloid influence, but even that's deceptive. Anatolia was Christian and Greek in the fourth century and part of the Roman Empire, and Saint Nicholas was a Greek. As for other possible Santa influences, such as Germanic paganism, Odin and Father Christmas, they are all European and, again, involve white characters.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of people trying to revise our culture. You have to be hung up worse than a Christmas stocking to want to question Jesus' and Santa's race in the first place and a mighty dim bulb to not be able to figure out what it most certainly was. And, really, what we're seeing here are people who want it both ways. While these critics dislike Western culture on an emotional level, they're nonetheless emotionally attached to certain elements of it (I apply this only to Santa; I wouldn't limit Jesus by defining Him as part of only a certain culture). So they want to co-opt those elements and remake them in a politically correct image.

Look, you leftists, if you don't like our culture, there's a whole diverse world out there offering a smorgasbord of possibilities. Heck, some of it even hates our culture almost as much as you do.  So follow your hearts, and if they take you where they apparently already are - away from the US - don't let the door hit ya' on the way out.

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