Freezing and listening to Larry Lujack on WLS-Chicago

My sons don't believe that I walked home from school listening to a little transistor radio.   

"What's a transistor radio, dad"?  It's sort of like an I-Pod but the music did not sound that good but I didn't know any better. 

Yes, I did walk home and I was listening to Larry Lujack out of WLS in Chicago.  It came in very clearly on 890 AM.  My little transistor was always ready for Larry when I left school!

I learned that Larry Lujack passed away over the holidays;

"First at WCFL-AM and later at WLS-AM, a clear-channel station that could be heard far beyond Chicago, Mr. Lujack -- known on the air as Uncle Lar' or Superjock -- spent 20 years spinning records and spouting opinions.  

Frequent targets of his opprobrium included the very albums he was playing, the very stations he was working for and various rival D.J.s. (Mr. Lujack once stormed a competitor's show and threatened, on the air, to ram the man's head through a wall.)   

He became famous for regular features including "Klunk Letter of the Day" and "Cheap and Trashy Showbiz Report." His best-known feature, done in collaboration with his longtime on-air partner Tommy Edwards ("Li'l Snot-Nose Tommy," Mr. Lujack fondly called him), was "Animal Stories."   "

Yes, it was the "Klunk letters" that had me holding the little transistor next to my frozen ear. 

My other favorite memory was the weekly WLS Top 30 countdown. 

I recall one day that Larry introduced The Beatles' "Lady Madonna" and wondered if Ringo was really doing the lead vocals. I screamed at the radio saying:  "No Larry, it's Paul sounding like Fats Domino".

I guess that "those were the days," another song that Larry introduced me too!

RIP Larry Lujack.  You had one Cuban kid growing up in Wisconsin listening to you every chance I got!


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