CNN signs up for Obamacare propaganda barrage

Pay no attention to those people whining about losing their insurance; all is well with Obamacare. That is the essence of the propaganda campaign just launched with the help of CNN. Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit spotted the launch of the offensive:

Late Sunday afternoon CNN published a collection of six articles allegedly written by people claiming to be happy with Obamacare under the headline: I signed up for Obamacare! Many Americans are thrilled that their Obamacare insurance plans kick in on Jan. 1.

The CNN article's publication is time-stamped By Tami Luhby @Luhby - Last updated December 29 2013 06:54 PM ET

Twelve minutes later at 7:06 p.m. EST CNN's Executive Editor, Ram Ramgopal, tweeted the article:

6 people who are delighted to be going into 2014 with coverage under Obamacare via @CNNMoney

- Ram Ramgopal (@RamCNN) December 30, 2013

At 7:25 p.m. EST Ramgopal's tweet promoting Obamacare was retweeted by Obama administration Director of Progressive Media and Online Response, Jesse Lee.

The appearance of coordination on the CNN article is reminiscent of a similar set-up by the Obama administration and the AP on another article promoting Obamacare that was reported at The Gateway Pundit in October.

This was inevitable. However, it is highly questionable whether or not it will work. For one thing, one January 1 people whose insurance has been cancelled on them, or people who thought they had insurance but aren't actually covered thanks to the incomplete website construction on, will start showing up for treatment at hospitals and physicians' offices and discover they have no insurance. Perhaps CNN and other toady outlets will ignore their plight, but social media and the new media won't. For another thing, the victims of Obamacare (6 million have lost insurance so far) outnumber the beneficiaries - those receiving subsidies from taxpayers and from people paying artificially high rates.

Worst of all for Obama and his eponymous insurance scheme, the Pottery Barn Rule now applies. Having broken America's health insurance system, Obama owns it. Any problems that come up (and problems always do; that's why health care insurance companies are so unpopular) are now the fault of Obamacare and the man whose name it bears.

Progressives are only beginning to understand how badly they screwed up.


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