An 'I told you so' Moment

For years, advocates of gay marriage targeted their opponents as hallucinatory nut cases because resisters to same sex-unions spoke ominously about a slippery slope that would lead to the legalization of polygamy. Open the gates to redefinition of traditional marriage, opponents said, and eventually no rules for marriage would apply.

Pro-gay marriage advocates scoffed at supporters of marriage between one man and one woman, saying fidelity and monogamy between two people was what was important, not the actual sexes of the couple involved. They ridiculed the notion that same sex marriage would open the gates to the abolition of monogamy and possibly even the acceptance of bestiality.

Though no advocate of traditional marriage is inclined to gloat, nonetheless, an "I told you so" moment has now arrived.

U.S District Judge Clark Waddoup has ruled that Utah's laws against polygamy are unconstitutional, as conservatives have long predicted and are now reporting.

According to Breitbart'.com's article on the subject, Judge Waddoup stated in his 91-page opinion that individuals must be protected from "criminal consequences intended by legislatures to apply to certain personal choices," even when those "personal" choices include polygamy, polyandry, and polyamory.

In other words, the same arguments used to ratify same-sex marriage have been applied to other types of "marriage."

We told you so.

The question now is this: Main Line denominations have accepted and openly promote same-sex marriage. What will they do now? Even more importantly, what will conservative churches which still adhere to the principle of marriage between one man and one woman do?

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