A&E has a funny way of showing their displeasure with Grandpa Phil

Maybe I'm cynical but is this "Grandpa Phil" controversy part of a plot to introduce millions to the "Ducks"?

This is what A&E is doing for Christmas:

"A&E may have given "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson the heave-ho when they suspended him from future episodes of the show last week, but the network is still welcoming him home for holidays. 

The channel is celebrating Christmas with a staggering 25 consecutive episodes of their No. 1 show, beginning at 3:30 p.m. on Christmas Day and running until the wee hours of Dec. 26.  

According to the schedule on A&E's website, the Robertsons will take over the channel until 4 a.m., and then paid programming -meaning infomercials-will kick in."

That's a lot of "duck" for a network that finds Grandpa Phil's remarks so difficult. Are they planning to delete "Grandpa" from their show this weekend?

We hear that A&E took this "principled" decision because their "gay" staff was offended by the remarks. 

So they give us "Duck 24/7"? I guess that the "gays" at A&E have learned that "profit" means a lot more to their employer than shielding them from Louisiana "duck wood values"!

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