72 years ago today: The last time a president went to Congress for a declaration of war

We've been in 5 major wars since World War II:  Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan & Iraq. The casualties are over 110,000 and many more wounded. What do they have in common?  No formal declaration of war!  To be fair, President Bush-41 & President Bush-43 did go to Congress for a resolution authorizing military force. (I'm sure all of you remember all of those Democrats reminding us that Saddam had WMDs and had to be removed) I guess that a resolution is better than nothing, although The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was really a stretch.  I don't think that a single member of Congress thought that President Johnson would use that resolution to escalate the war and send 500,000 troops to Vietnam. President Truman sent troops to Korea under a UN Security Council resolution. Not surprisingly, Korea and Vietnam became very unpopular wars because Congress was never really engaged.  Incredibly, most Americans were not around...(Read Full Post)