You've been cancelled!

If you haven't been carefully selected to stand behind President Barack Obama (D) on the White House lawn or to be called out by him in a screened audience of acolytes touting your government issued new healthcare insurance because you are transitioning ie, have been cancelled by your "bad apple" insurance for non compliance with the (Un)Affordable Care Act, do not despair!  Have we got a site for you! 

Independent Women's Voice launched a new Tumblr site -- -- and we are looking for submissions from the millions across the country who have received cancellation letters from their health insurance providers notifying them that their plan - that they liked - will be cancelled due to ObamaCare.

It is easy! Take a picture of yourself with your cancellation letter and send it to us at (We'll take care of covering up all private information -- we aren't the government and don't want that out there!) To make it particularly fun, feel free to borrow the placard meme from Occupy Wall Street - a picture of yourself, your letter, and a sign saying whatever you think appropriate.

Help us show Washington the faces of those who were told they could keep their plan if they liked it, who really can't. All thanks to ObamaCare

Twitter: @MyCancellation

Private initiative is alive and well at conservative organizations' sites despite IRS harassment.

Hat tip: Instapundit