Whoops! Sorry I cut off your head!

President Barack Obama's (D) red lines in Syria have apparently receded as the brutal combatants are once again slaughtering each other, and whoever else is near, with conventional methods. 

And not so conventional methods. Like beheading.  Which is, incidentally, a conventional method of finishing off one's enemies in many Muslim countries. 

Hearing a severely injured and drugged soldier mumbling the names of venerated imams (religious leaders) of an opposing sect, some rebels swiftly cut off his head.  As is their custom, the proud slaughterers triumphantly displayed the head to a cheering crowd as others videoed their kill, posting it.

Uh oh!  It seems the head--and the rest of the body--belonged to a rebel on their side.  Because so many foreign fighters have poured into Syria from all over, they basically didn't recognize the "good" guys from the "bad."  In his drugged and injured state  the now beheaded man was probably mumbling the last words he heard.  Because it is another Muslim custom for fighters to recite the names of their religious leaders over the bodies of those they kill or maim the now accidentally deceased was just mumbling the last words he heard from his enemies. 

Well, mistakes do happen.  Sorry, won't do it again. 

And no, I'm not really gloating over this.  How frightening it is that these fighters are so consumed with hate towards enemies who share the same culture and common core religious belief.  What is even more terrifying is their brutality towards those who don't--the Christians, Jews, Hindus, black Africans, Europeans and Americans.