Who would have believed any of this a year ago when President Obama was re-elected?

A year ago, I sat down to watch the election night coverage totally convinced that Gov Romney would beat President Obama. I was not alone.  Michael Barone, George Will, Charles Krauthammer and a few others had the same idea.   We learned over the next few days that the Obama team was totally superior at getting the vote out.    Obama did not really win a reelection based on message or results.  They just got their votes out with superior organization.   Sadly, our side did not get all of our voters out! A year later, the Obama presidency looks a lot different than that very organized team that pulled the political equivalent of an unassisted triple play. The economy continues to struggle.  Foreign policy is in disarray.  Senate Democrats walked away on gun control. He looks weak and disconnected from reality. Of course, ObamaCare is the one issue crippling his whole second term. He is not only dealing with "web site...(Read Full Post)