White House blames the victim of Obamacare regs

As explained here a few days ago, Edie Sundby likes her doctors, likes her health care plan and had every intention of keeping them.  Of course she would; the stage 4 cancer survivor is alive because of the excellent care she received from her doctors and the various hospitals which treated her with the backing of her fine, affordable insurance plan.  But, as she explained in an op ed in the Wall Street Journal, she can no longer keep this plan and the doctors she likes because of Obamacare, which apparently knows better what is best for her.  And that means her choices under the Obamacare plan do not include the doctors and hospitals who have kept her alive all these years. 

She poignantly concluded

Take away people's ability to control their medical-coverage choices and they may die. I guess that's a highly effective way to control medical costs. Perhaps that's the point.

Death panels. 

For daring to expose the failures of Obamacare, Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer immediately exploded with a misleading tweet citing a misleading article in a leftist publication falsely claiming her up to now fine insurance company dropped her because they couldn't take the competition. 

Wrong! The insurance company was just following the law; Pfeiffer's boss's namesake law. 

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The Real Reason That The Cancer Patient Writing In Today's Wall Street Journal Lost Her Insurance http://thkpr.gs/1hHgZjp  via @TPHealth

All of this has has made Ms. Sundby "a loser in this" and "in a stressful situation" she explained to Fox News' Megyn Kelly. 

Edie Sundby said on "The Kelly File" Wednesday her problems with the president's health care law are not political in nature. She says she is very grateful to be alive after battling stage-4 gallbladder cancer for almost seven years, and credits her "fabulous" medical insurance plan and her doctors with saving her.

"I find myself in a very uncomfortable and very stressful situation that's a bit overwhelming, because my insurance company has pulled out, completely pulled out of the private, the individual market in California," she said.

Sundby said that the Obama administration's insistence that the health insurance plans Americans are losing were sub-standard to begin with is "absurd."

"Frankly it's condescending because it's not true," she said. "I feel like I'm a loser in this because I've lost my medical insurance and potentially could lose my doctors, but really the biggest loser here is trust and respect for government."


Sundby said she wishes the Obama administration would focus instead on fixing the problem.

"I didn't understand that, why they felt that was necessary," Sundby said.

The article includes the full video interview. 

Will Pfeiffer or another Obamacare government worshipper, all ironically exempt from Obamacare's horrors, desperately counter Sundby and Kelly with another condescending and misleading response? 

My best wishes to Edie Sundby and all others directly suffering from Obamacare.