Three guys, three nights make one terrific health insurance site

So, how are you going to respond if some obnoxious Obamabot relative or friend ruins your Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and/or Shabbat get together with (un)helpful suggestions about enrolling in The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, ie, ObamaCare?  What if s/he even offers to guide you through the unworkable site during a break in the festivities as mentioned here?  No, no, no, don't punch him/her or explain that you're not going to enroll because of higher premiums, higher deductibles for a worse policy.

If you want to put down while enlightening said obnoxious Obamabot have I got a better suggestion for you!  Smile sweetly, then smugly say, "Oh no problem.  I ignored the government and got all the information about health insurance I needed from HealthSherpa. Isn't it amazing what three diverse, minority (an Asian-American, a Greek-American and a Jewish-American) twenty something young men can do in a few nights with only a few hundred dollars?  Why couldn't the government do that?"

And then watch Obamabot sputter.  Oh sure, it might feebly retort, HealthSherpa isn't as comprehensive as the government site, you can't purchase a policy through the site, etc and etc, blah and blah.  "Exactly!," you reply.  "Affordable, non governmental insurance information is available without the costly government interference which distorts the market and the price."  "And," you triumphantly conclude, "it gives you all the information, including prices and comparable prices before you offer up very personal information on a very insecure, easily hackable site! You don't even have to give out personal information." 

The site, which plainly states it "is not affiliated with any lobby, trade group or government agency and has no political agenda" was started by the three young men because each one either "cares deeply about efficiency and price transparency in healthcare" or is "passionate about helping people make better decisions through data" or "saw many individuals having trouble during the launch of and wanted to make a difference."

And then have your schadenfreude (joy at seeing someone unhappy) moment as Obamabot sputters incomprehensibly. 

You can then proceed to enjoy your holiday celebration without interference.