Texas Navigators exposed in O'Keefe videos won't face government action

It looks like the Obamacare navigators captured on videotape telling applicants to lie about their income by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas will face no consequences from any governmental authorities. Eric Holder's Department of Justice, which wouldn't prosecute club-wielding Black Panthers at polling places will obviously do nothing. And Texas state authorities, where the videotapes were made, claim to have no jurisdiction over Navigator behavior in Texas.

If you call Governor Rick Perry's office, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst's office, Attorney General Greg Abbott's office, Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus' office, Texas State Senator Jane Nelson's office - Chair of the Senate Health & Human Services, and a few other officials and ask if the State of Texas is preparing any official response to the actions of Navigators employed by organizations in Texas contracted by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), they'll perform a verbal shoulder shrug, or say someone will call back, but most don't.

But, if you call the TDI hot line several times, eventually you'll be lucky enough to reach someone in the Consumer Protection Division who takes the time to admit that the state has no jurisdiction, and give a clear explanation of why.

The Navigators are neither licensed by the TDI, nor are they subject to regulations that define their training, because there are no regulations, anywhere. Their primary Navigator qualification to give insurance advice to Obamacare clients is the ability to fog a mirror.

It's been Texas state policy from the beginning of Obamacare to take a hands-off position toward the Navigator organizations.

And, if regulations were, at this point, desired, it would take about a year to draft, review, and install those regulations and enforcement policies and procedures.  

Since the current federal regime is highly unlikely to police HHS contractors, when they enter Texas they find what the military calls a "free fire zone" concerning their operational behaviors.

Incidentally, a call to the office of Texas Senator John Cornyn will tell you that no one there even knows the identity of the Navigator organizations working in Texas under HHS contracts. 

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