Talking 'Aparicio & Gabriela' is the only distraction in Venezuela these days

It is very hard down in Venezuela. I understand that we are caught up in ObamaCare and other issues.  However, let's not forget how Venezuela is falling apart and people are suffering. I have many Venezuelan friends.  We need to tell the world about their day to day misery "made by Chavez." We just heard that the Maduro regime deployed troops into stores, as reported by The NY Times: "In announcing that military personnel would occupy the five-store electronics chain Daka, Mr. Maduro said that the government would supervise sales at significantly lower prices and that the store's stock would be liquidated.   "Let nothing remain on the shelves!" he said during a television broadcast.  Mr. Maduro also dispatched officials to inspect other stores around the country, saying they, too, would be forced to charge what the government considers fair prices.  Officials said over the weekend that several store managers had been arrested and would face...(Read Full Post)