Stuff that Michael Moore did not tell you about Cuba

There is something very bad going on in Cuba.  First, we hear of health care but:   "Officers of the Ministry of Education (MINED),   Central Region, at a government meeting on Monday the 11th, suspended the Schools in the Countryside program for November and December, because of the complicated epidemiological situation in the province.   Guilfredo Martin Betancourt, a MINED official, said the province is experiencing cases of cholera and dengue fever, without giving specifics with regards to numbers, given the environmental and social indiscipline problems." Second, we hear that 1,000,000 homes in Cuba do not have running water.  This one is a real shock to any Cuban who remembers pre-Castro Cuba.  We had a lot of problems in pre-Castro but running water was not one of them. Let's file these two under "What Michael Moore missed when he went to Cuba". We hear of reforms and reforms but the island's ballplayers would rather play...(Read Full Post)