Speak about ObamaCare, get audited

In what would be an astounding coincidence if it isn't evidence of IRS targeting those who embarrass ObamaCare, two people suddenly find themselves being audited by the IRS. Bill Elliott, a cancer patient who lost his insurance thanks to ObamaCare and was unable to pay the new rates, appeared on Megyn Kelley's Fox News show, telling her he was going to just pay the fine and "let nature take its course."

C. Steven Tucker, an insurance broker out of Chicago, saw Bill Elliot on the show talking about getting bounced from his coverage because of the ACA mandates, stepped in and helped the man retain his coverage.

Well, Bill Elliott is being audited by the IRS, and now so is C. Steven Tucker.

Chairman Issa, it is time to find out how these audits were decided upon, and put people under oath before your committee.

Hat tips: iOwnTheWorld.com and Frontpagemag.com