'Rich, white conservative' country music fans mock Obamacare

It was confusing enough for President Barack Obama (D) worshippers when liberal icons Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the cast of Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno and David Letterman consistently--and effectively--mocked the  Obamacare rollout.

So the Obama acolytes experienced a perverse sense of relief when Country Music Awards hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood opened the show with a gentle skit and song also mocking the now beyond mockable Obamacare. 

When Paisley complained of a bad back, Underwood suggested trying to sign up for Obamacare.

"I started signing up last Thursday and I'm almost done.  Let's go to the website and get you signed up."

The audience responded with laughter as the two sat down with a computer. 

Tap, tap, tap, Underwood's fingers futilely flew on the keyboard. 

"Why's it spinning?" Paisley asked.

"Oh, it does that," Underwood answered.

"Why's it smokin'?" Paisley asked.

"Uhm, I don't know.  Maybe we should restart it," Underwood responded as the two began singing what is now the new music sensation,  "Obamacare by Morning."

"Obamacare by morning.
Why's this taking so long?
I'm going to wind up with hemorrhoids
If I sit here till dawn.
We'll have cataracts and dementia.
Oh, this is gettin' on my last nerve.
Obamacare by morning
Over six people served."

Sacrilege!  The liberal alternative universe exploded, able to at last condemn, who else?, the bitter clingers: rich, white, (southern) country music lovers as...what else? racists.  Twitchy, Michelle Malkin's twitter aggregate site, captures their foaming hatred.

A few postable ones ie, without the usual swear words. 

Vivian Betts @vbetts51

I think it's very disrespectful for the country award to make fun of obamacare! You didn't do jokes on anything that Bush did!

7:34 PM - 6 Nov 2013

Twostepcub @twostepcub

I put on CMA awards for all of 5 minutes to see screechng lynch mob cheer ovr problems w-Obamacare. Because not payg med bills is hilarious.

A few more.

@GMA none! After that Obamacare skit I was done. #Epic #Racist #Fail #CMAawards-

Brandon Jordan (@brocka215) November 07, 2013

Leave it to a bunch of rich white people from the south to make fun of Obama. #CMA-
JuliaKay (@JuliaKay04) November 07, 2013

RT @Mirandacgreen: Retweet if you could care less about the #CMAs //I COULDN'T care less due to racist jokes and booing #ACA tonight!!-
JAN (@PomPrincessMomJ) November 07, 2013


"@TylerSteerman: The CMA's just bashed Obamacare #thisiswhycountryisbetter" well they're all white conservatives so I wouldn't doubt it...-
Tanner Eavenson


Actually planned to watch CMAs til I remembered their republican/racist tendencies. Thx for reminder @carrieunderwood #isblackfacenext-

Trevor Brown @ebrownt2

Yeah- the rich, white singers at the #CMAs have profound understandings of #Obamacare and other social issues #shakeitforme #mouthbreather

Other than that liberal, progressive, open minded folks, so tolerant of diversity, pluralism and multi culturalism, how was the show?

Herman Cain liked it.  Oh him!  

Herman Cain         @THEHermanCain

Country music fan or not, you will not be able to stop watching this. "ObamaCare by Morning." Awesome! http://bit.ly/1b9Fcfa 

9:18 AM - 7 Nov 2013

Condemnation by liberals sure to follow.  As it did in the past when this successful black man expressed his conservative thoughts as a potential Republican presidential candidate.