Report: Obama asked Netanyahu for a 'breather' over Iran deal criticism

Did President Obama call up Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to request a little help in dealing with the blowback form his historic cave-in to Iran at Geneva? That is what the Washington Post (via The Hill) is reporting:

President Obama requested Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu take a "breather" from his harsh criticism of the U.S. strategy regarding Iran during a call betwee the two leaders, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Interestingly, The Post's David Ignatius buried the startling information 750 words into an 800-some word article, in the second to last paragraph. The Hill, however, knows a lede when it sees one. Blake Neff of The Hill continues:

The request came as the administration girds up for a push in the next six months to reach a final settlement on Iran's nuclear program. The president reportedly urged Netanyahu to tone down his rhetoric for the sake of diplomacy and urged him to dispatch officials to Washington who could help negotiate a resolution agreeable to both countries.

The president called Netanyahu last Sunday, promising to keep the Israeli leader up-to-date regarding the progress of negotiations for a final settlement. He also reaffirmed that the two countries share the same goal of a nuclear-free Iran.

I suppose this means that Obama was surprised and stung by the blowback he got from powerful congressional Dems like Chuck Schumer, and wants Bibi to pull his chestnuts out of the fire.

In any match between the two leaders, my money would be on Bibi. I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes between the two men. Clearly, Obama has a strong hand when it comes to resources he controls that Israel needs. But Bibi outclasses him in intellect and guts by such a large margin, and Obama is flailing so badly domestically, that we may see some surprising developments on this front.

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