Piecemeal Media Revelations

Slowly -- very slowly -- it's being revealed by major media outlets that Obama administration aggressively goes after journalists who criticize or question The One. But even as the media slowly -- very slowly -- begin to drop hints here and there that Obama and his administration are essentially thugs (my word, not theirs), the media still refuses to snap out of their complicit haze. A recent piece at Breitbart lists several examples where the media spoke about intimidation from the White House. Yet, as the author aptly notes, "despite the shabby treatment they receive at his hands, the media continues to swoon for this president." I would go farther than that. What the Obama administration is doing is more egregious than "shabby treatment." What we are witnessing is intentional and thuggish behavior perpetrated by Obama and members of his administration with the purpose of shutting down criticism. The behavior of this administration should scare the daylights out of every...(Read Full Post)