Panicky Senate Democrats meet to find a way out of Obamacare mess

The signs of panic are all over the Hill these days. Democrats in the House are breaking with their party to support Rep Fred Upton's "Keep Your Plan Act." And Harry Reid has called a meeting of his entire Senate caucus and White House officials to discuss how they can get out from under the Obamacare mess. The much closer than expected Virginia governor's race as well as recent poll numbers of Democratic Senator Kay Hagen from North Carolina have the Dems sweating. The victor in VA, Terry McAuliffe, lost a double digit lead in the last 10 days of race to squeeze out a narrow victory over Ken Cuccinelli who was vastly outmanned and underfunded. Cuccinelli hammered away at Obamacare for the last fortnight of the race to make what should have been a breeze for McAuliffe into a nail biter. Senator Hagan was enjoying a double digit lead of her own in NC, topping all GOP candidates from 12-17 points in a PPP Poll. But the latest Quinnipiac poll shows Hagen with just a 2 point lead over the...(Read Full Post)