Obama channels 'Animal House' at presser

"You screwed up...You trusted us."

That's the sanitized answer Otter gave to Flounder when Flounder's brother's car ended up being wrecked by the Animal House crew on a road trip when he was promised it would be OK. And that's basically the same answer Obama gave to America in a press conference yesterday in response to millions of people losing their insurance policies after he lied, telling everyone they could keep their policies if they liked them.

And as this saga continues to mirror the Animal House story-line, upon America's initial shock of seeing their beloved health care system wrecked and millions of people losing their insurance plans, Obama has now offered an "executive fix" for the health care system he wrecked, with the intention of disguising Obamacare as a big sweet cake with the enticing words "Eat Me" written on it.

Unfortunately, when this cake finally gets cut sometime in 2014, what pops out won't be so sweet. It'll be a health care system that has been successfully transformed by the Obama House crew into what Flounder's brother's Lincoln Continental became - a DEATH MOBILE!

And it's headed straight down the heart of main street America.