Maybe the young and healthy will all sign up for Obamacare at the last minute

First, it was "death panels."  I think that has something to do with bureaucrats deciding who lives and dies.

Now, we hear about "death spirals," or what happens when healthy young people stay home and the older, sicker ones sign up for ObamaCare.

Peter Ferrara believes that the "death spiral" has begun:

"Even worse, the soaring premiums on the Obamacare Exchanges were calculated by health insurers on the assumption that the individual and employer mandates would succeed in forcing everyone to buy health insurance, the healthy and low cost as well as the sick and high cost.

But with 93 million Americans, more than half of everyone with health insurance pre-Obamacare, losing their health coverage under Obamacare, and facing the incentives described above, the covered health insurance pool will not come remotely close to covering everyone, with the healthy, younger, and low cost being exactly the ones to drop out, and evade the mandates. 

The pool the insurers end up covering, then, will be a lot more like the pool of all burnt down houses for fire insurers discussed above.

The premiums the insurers receive from this adversely shrunken pool will not remotely cover the costs of that pool.

Hence they will be facing bankruptcy next year, absent another taxpayer bailout of hundreds of billions.

So the choice will be that, or socialized medicine, including the government death panels we see in every other country weighed down by this "enlightened" last century albatross."

Let's hope that the young and healthy make time to show and fill out their application. The Obama team is certainly hoping for that.  

Will the young go up to the plate, pay higher premiums and take one for the Obama team?  We will know soon.

Better than that, let's hope that they vote next November to throw each and everyone of these Democrat Senators who voted for this nightmare!

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