It's Economics, Stupid

Is it possible for Republicans, common-sense Democrats, Independents, and Tea Party conservatives to agree on one simple but absolutely central concept: the marketplace and economic principles govern human economic behavior? This principle is at the heart of how best to serve the needs of people; in a competitive capital-honoring and property-owning world, better ideas are always entering the market and giving people more efficient and effective choices. Poor products or services fall aside. In socialism, with markets planned and controlled by bureaucrats (who often heed cronies of the White House and inner circle), the opposite is true. The competitive system of free enterprise in the United States is at the heart of this nation's strength and spirit.

The reason ObamaCare is a failure is that it seeks to direct and control market forces and reorganize an industry that cannot be effective in the delivery of service while bent to the will of government. Moreover, government is basically incompetent to make the innumerable pricing and protection selections and decisions that free people are quite capable of making every day for themselves. The joke here is the abject stupidity of all these liberals running around and declaring (in a lemming chorus) the superiority of what is basic socialism. Not only did the Soviet Union fail economically when it employed the same socialist market-control tools, but the Chinese are successful today only because of a willingness to allow the market to function. In breaking Chinese communism away from Mao's overzealous destruction and its resulting economic failure, Deng Xiaoping (in 1978) famously denounced class struggle as the primary focus and instead took up economic development. He recognized market principles were needed to make China strong (even though he maintained tyrannical Party control).

We have some of the finest doctors and hospitals known to mankind. They will operate efficiently if market forces are restored. All the government needs to do is make sure there is competitive sale of health insurance by stock and mutual insurance companies available in all states, and that some form of safety-net is in place for people whose pre-existing conditions make normal insurance unaffordable. (Straightforward subsidies to serious illness/condition treatment costs would be cheaper in the end than the whole new unworkable bureaucratic health industry the Obamanauts are trying to shape and control). That, plus a scholarship program for doctors when shortage occurs, will restore and improve the American health care system. This will also go far to get us out of lingering recession, because the fright of business owners about government will lessen.