It depends on what your definition of 'You can keep your health plan/doctor period' is

David Axelrod, President Bill Clinton's (D) former top political advisor and President Barack Obama's (D) former senior advisor is still a believer in his old boss. As in the past, he is still desperately twisting the truth to protect his increasingly vulnerable client while tossing the blame on the innocent.  That's his definition of politics. 

Friday he was up to his old, lowdown tricks with this revealing tweet.

David AxelrodVerified account ‏@davidaxelrod

Wonder how many Insurance cos that sold junk policies after ACA was signed told customers at purchase that they'd have to eventually switch?

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Uh, no. They truly believed their community organizer president's statement delivered multiple times "after ACA (ie, Obamacare) was signed," "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.  Period.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  Period."   Would it have occurred to them that their president--and his senior advisor--might be liars?  After all, if they were junk policies, why were they approved by rigorous state regulatory agencies and for the truly junk Obamacare exchange? 

David Axelrod, the truly junk policy is Obamacare.  Let's switch.  Now.