Health insurance marketplace is being improved. Again.

Three years in the making at well over a half a billion dollars in taxpayer money, the one month old (Un)Affordable Care Act website was/is down (depending when you're reading) again, this time deliberately and officially for "improvements" and "extended maintenance."

This is in addition to all those unplanned, unofficial  outages of the kinkily glitched site. Logging on to the healthcare site so you don't have to, the top of the page greets with

The Health Insurance Marketplace online application won't be available from around 9 p.m. EST Saturday, November 2 to 9 a.m. Sunday, November 3 while we make improvements. The rest of the site and the Marketplace call center remain available during these hours.

Or, as officially reported,

"The tech team is performing extended maintenance this weekend to improve network infrastructure and make enhancements to the online application and enrollment tools," HHS spokesperson Joanne Peters said in a statement.

That extra hour Saturday night/Sunday morning of falling back to standard time will certainly help improve it. The rest of the site consists of many insurance plans that are undoubtedly more expensive than the ones from which potential applicants are forcibly  "transitioning."  (sic)

Health and Human Services  Department tweets have left behind a sad record of the site's problems since going live.  Interspersed with strange and irrelevant bragging that more people have visited
the site than "than southwest air & citibank have in a month"  are numerous apologies for the site's numerous and ongoing problems. Hmmm, since they brought it up, have "southwest & citibank" had as many outages in a year as the government site has had in a few days?  Just asking.

And if the site is this unworkable, what about actual healthcare itself under the new regime? 

Sorry, important healthcare services are down. Get well on your own.