Had insurance, don't got insurance now

The Democratic...er leftist...er progressive war on young women continues. As does their war on young men.

In a desperate attempt to lure young adults to sign up for Obamacare, Progress Now, Colorado devised a series of ads, "Got Insurance?" portraying 20 and 30 somethings as hot for sex, behaving dangerously, andbeing silly, Therefore they need insurance to cover all their free birth control and other medical bills from their irresponsible behavior.

"Now you can too.  Thanks Obamacare!"  is the tagline. 

This is the healthiest demographic with minimal medical needs and is the age group Obamacare needs to sign up to balance the costs of insuring those with more intensive health care needs.  This is also the demographic that is not signing up for Obamacare because a) they realize they probably won't need it and b)  because of the Obamaeconomy, many are unemployed or are in low paying jobs.

No matter--they got insurance. 

But now millions of Americans who had insurance don't got insurance.  Now you will too. No thanks Obamacare!

(Note the helpful *advice at the bottom)