Go directly to diversity training for wearing an Obama Halloween mask

At Halloween events in the past, many wore a President George W. Bush (R) mask, with a cowboy hat.  Or a President Richard M. Nixon (R) mask, with a smirk.  Or one  of President Bill Clinton (D), with a greasy hamburger.  Or  a stained blue dress.  And people laughed.  But that was then.  

Yesterday someone wore a President Barack Obama (D) mask, with a straightjacket to a party at work. Along with other friends, they performed a skit that won them third prize. 

And then their employer, a hospital, ordered all 750 employees to...undergo diversity training. 

The VP of Human Resources at the medical center issued a statement to staff apologizing for anyone who was offended and personally took responsibility since the incident occurred on his watch.

He asked that employees refrain from political, religious,  ethic (sic) and gender based costumes at other functions.

Ra-a-acist!  This never happened in previous years with other presidential disguises!