Gloria Steinem Gets Medal of Freedom for Abortion Advocacy

How fitting that abortion zealot and self-proclaimed Marxist Gloria Steinem received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Wednesday from Barack Hussein Obama.  The male-bashing, anti-family, anti-American Steinem beamed as the guy who voted three times against a partial-birth abortion ban while in the Illinois state Senate placed the medal around her neck. What exactly is the meritorious contribution Steinem has made to our national interests that would warrant such an honor? Ever since the radical feminist attended an "abortion speak-out" in 1969 hosted by the radical man-hating group Redstockings, she was "instantly committed" to the abortion movement. As one of the architects of the abortion holocaust, Steinem summed up her philosophy in a 2005 New York Observer interview.  The 71-year-old was asked what her advice to young women in the 21st century would be.  She replied, "To do whatever they f---ing well please."  Six...(Read Full Post)