Forcing Obama's hand

Representative Fred Upton (R, MI) has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would allow individuals to keep their insurance policies.

"I introduced legislation earlier this week, that we hope to have on the floor soon, co-sponsored by more than 50 folks, that says if you had a plan, you will be grandfathered, Upton said. "We'll keep the president's pledge."

Senator Mary Landrieu, the Democrat from Louisiana, has introduced a bill called the "Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act."

"When we passed the Affordable Care Act, we did so with the intention that if you liked your health plan, you could keep it. A promise was made and this legislation will ensure that this promise is kept," Senator Landrieu said.

Remarkably, these are essentially laws to force Obama to keep his promise. And who could be opposed?  Harry Reid for starters and an untold number of Democratic Senators.

But these are much different circumstances than the Cruz defunding effort and the House defunding bill.

First, we have a collection of Senate Democrats breaking ranks.

Second, we have legislation proposed that confirms and enforces the Obama promise of no cancellations.

And finally, we have Democrat Senators and Representatives realizing they were lied to and that they also became liars for repeating the lie to their constituents.  Senator Landrieu seems to be one of the few with a tinge of guilt for having been one of many purveyors untruths. There are others.

Will Obama embrace these bills, and if not, why not?

Will Reid essentially block the enforcement of a Presidential "promise"?  And if so, why?  The optics in either situation are terrible for the Democrats.

Much has been made of the alleged split in the Republican Party. Imagine a bill put to the Senate that forces Democrats to either confirm Obama's promise, or cast it aside.  Even some Democrats are concerned their constituents are getting their policies cancelled. Thoughts of reelections cross their mind. 

So how could a Democrat Senator, how could anyone deny the chance to put life into the President's promise of keeping one's insurance?

Here is a chance to put the President and Harry Reid into a box.

For the President or any Democrat to not promote legislation that would make good the promise would be to confirm that the President never really meant what he said regarding keeping one's insurance.

Additionally, the President seems trigger happy with his Executive Orders.  Yet, the consideration for an Executive Order to make his promise good never makes it out of the holster.  Never even a moment of consideration.  Every effort to expose the disingenuous nature of this Obamacare affair must be played out in full.