Fake gun meets real one

The following headline, describing a robbery gone happily bad in draconian gun control Chicago, says it all

Cops: Charges filed after robber with fake gun foiled by clerk with real one

Police say a robber tried to hold up an electronics store in West Rogers Park with a fake gun but was foiled when the clerk pulled a real gun from a safe and opened fire.

Lawrence Bradley, 25, and of the 15200 block of Evers Street in Dolton, was charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery, both of which are felonies, according to a police News Affairs statement. Bradley is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. Monday when Bradley walked through the front door of the electronics shop in the 2900 block of West Devon Avenue and aimed the gun at the clerk and demanded money, police said.

Then the clerk reached into the safe and pulled out a real gun and fired twice, stopping only because the gun jammed, police said.

Bradley grabbed the clerk's gun and pistol-whipped him in the face and head, then ran out the store and jumped into a blue PT Cruiser driven by a woman, police said.

The woman then drove him to a hospital about 50 miles away in another city and state, Hammond, Indiana, where the police caught up with him.  Bradley managed to grab the real gun, leaving the fake gun in the store.   

The report on the crime ends "Bradley was among seven people shot across Chicago Monday night"

What was unusual about all these seven shootings in draconian gun control Chicago is that no one was killed.

This incident has special meaning for me as I live in the same general neighborhood which, for Chicago, is a relatively low crime one.  Without focusing attention on politically correct diversity, pluralism and multi culti, the area is home to religious Jews, Catholics of Irish descent, Muslims, recent immigrants, both legal and illegal, from Pakistan, India, Iraq (many Christian Assyrians), Mexico, Russia and other places.  However, amazingly--or not--inter ethnic conflict is rare.  The stores and services naturally reflect the neighborhood's population; the owner of this store is probably either Asian or Iraqi. 

Hopefully the store owner will not be charged with possessing an illegal weapon.  Rather s/he should be praised for preparedness.  

But then again, this is Chicago.