'Escuchame': Cuban dissidents say 'listen to me'!

It's 90 miles south of Key West but it seems like millions from US public opinion. 

I understand that we have lots of domestic and foreign problems but can we take a minute and listen to dissidents screaming from the island?

This is from The Miami Herald:

" The regime's actions speak volumes about its true intentions:

  • November began with a delay in the trial of three democracy activists arrested last year during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The church has a new pope, but these dissidents are still in jail.
  • The following weekend, Cuban security officials detained 30 members of the Ladies in White in yet another crackdown on freedom advocates, and a government mob pummeled a prominent dissident, Guillermo Fariñas, when he dared complain to the police.
  • On Oct. 14, police and a pro-government mob arrested 22 members of the Ladies in White who were marking the anniversary of the death of their founder.
  • In September, more than 700 short-term detentions of dissidents were reported by Cuban human rights groups, one of the highest totals in years."

Raul's reforms are a fraud.  Cuba is still the same Castro dictatorship that we've known for years.  They announce "reforms" but keep the Cuban people under a repressive and authoritarian system.

However, he is getting away with it because there are too many who would rather do business with Cuba than listen to the dissidents.

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