Dems didn't do their Obamacare homework and now they are flunking

Most of us who are or have been parents know what it takes to get kids to do their homework.  Some children are self-starters, motivated to do well from the outset.  Other equally smart kids have to be pushed and prodded to do what has to be done for school.   Parents do the prodding up to a point.  By high school, it becomes rather clear which kids grasp what it takes to excel and which kids are going to fly by the seat of their pants.  The former usually, but not always, go on to perform well in college.  The latter sometimes surprise their parents and do well...or not.  There is no magic moment that lets parents know which kid will be successful or if and how they may succeed.   And, as we all know,  smart kids can be very lazy and unmotivated and not so smart kids can be very motivated and disciplined.  Which kind of people end up in Congress?  Neither.  What we have in Congress, with numerous notable...(Read Full Post)