Chicago TV Pitchman faces prison for lying about healthcare product

No, he's not named Barack Obama. ABC News reports:

It took jurors in a Chicago courtroom only one hour of deliberation to decide that controversial TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau was guilty of criminal contempt for making misleading claims in TV infomercials for his best-selling weight loss book.

 In closing arguments today, prosecutors listed several of the false claims Trudeau made in his infomercials for "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About," including that it was not a "diet," even though it required at least three weeks of eating 500 calories or less a day. It also required daily injections of a hormone found only in pregnant women, which Trudeau claimed could be found "anywhere," when in fact the hormone required a doctor's prescription. Prosecutors also said that Trudeau claimed that after completing the diet, consumers could eat anything they wanted without regaining weight.

 Only the claims Trudeau made in the infomercials about the book were the subject of this trial, not the truth of the claims laid out in the book itself.

 Trudeau was immediately taken into custody and awaits sentencing. He could face years in prison.

Trudeau also faces a civil case with the Federal Trade Commission on a $37.6 million sanction for deceptive marketing.

The  magnitude of Trudeau's deception and the harm suffered by American consumers pales compared fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama's fraud. President Obama cannot be imprisoned for his Bige Lie. The remedies available are political. Since he cannot be voted out of office, the sole remedy is voting out Democrats in Congress who voted for the monstrosity called Obamacare, as well as repeal. There are signs that Democrats are beginning to panic, and even deliver ultimatums to the White House.

It has been a given that the ultimate remedy, impeachment, is off the table owing to Obama's status as the first black president. That is probably still true. But for the first time ever, there is the prospect of Democrats who see their political fortunes tied to Obama seeing him as a pair of cement overshoes and wanting him out of office. Think for a moment: Congress has seriously modified or repealed Obamacare in the face of millions of Americans losing their insurance, the economy has radically tanked as consumers cut back spending in order to pay for their new health insurance covering unneeded procedures (maternity benefits for 50 year olds), and Obama vetoes the bill.

I am not saying this will happen. I only note that for the first time it is thinkable.

Hat tip: American Glob