Normal people must dismiss you with disgust

And weep for those who trusted you."

The above is a line from the musical, Chess (1984), lyrics by Tim Rice.  The words resound today as an indictment of President Obama, who, like the character in the play, a Russian chess champion is an arrogant seeker of power by winning.  Who is hurt or discarded in service to his  compulsion to win is irrelevant.  That is exactly who Obama is....a man who wants to win, no matter the cost to millions of citizens or to the nation. The ends he seeks justify the duplicitous means he employs. 

Did he read the two-thousand page bill called Obamacare?  Certainly not.  Does he care what it says?  Not a bit.  Does he care that millions of people who liked the health insurance they purchased, suited to their needs, have lost those policies?  Not at all.  He resents the fact that they were able to choose and buy those policies without more extreme government regulation and intervention than already exists.  He resents that they had the freedom to choose those policies and the ability to pay for them.

Now that Americans, at least those who are paying attention, know that they have been blatantly lied to for years, the President's media-burnished halo is crashing to earth.  Now they know he is a serial fabulist and a man who will say and/or do anything to win. 

Millions of Americans are losing their medical insurance and learning that regaining it in any form will cost them much, much more, for less coverage, especially in the Obamacare "exchanges."  Now each of us must pay for maternity, drug rehab, mental health, prostrate cancer, etc. - care most of us will never need.  Obamacare dictates each of us pay for everyone and anyone else who does want or need these kinds of treatment.  We are no longer free to choose our own coverage according to our needs and what we can afford.  We are no longer free.

His so-called apology for the lie?  Not an apology at all.  He "meant what he said." He is "sorry if people misunderstood." Obama does not apologize or take responsibility for anything.  He feels no remorse.  Nothing is ever his fault.  Normal people are dismissing him with disgust and weeping [in anger] for those who trusted him.