Why didn't we send the cavalry to Benghazi?

60 Minutes had a very good segment last night on the Benghazi attack.  It appears that we need the Brits to tell the story!

There is not a lot that one can say about it.  The best thing is to watch the piece on the Web if you haven't already seen it.  Reports were sent up the line several times about the inadequacy of the security at the consulate.  All ignored.

The segment does not cover what happened in Washington, but we are left with one simple question -- why didn't we send the cavalry?  Even F-16's, which are small fighters, can carry napalm canisters.  But there is no point in going into details as we don't have the details.

And after the disaster, if for some reason we were unable to send any help at all, then if we had any couth, the right thing to do would have been to bring in the Stennis battle group, put a Marine expeditionary unit ashore with all the equipment - the whole nine yards, tanks or Strykers, planes overhead - and roll up from the shore into the consulate.  Put up a flagpole and haul up the Stars and Stripes.  Have a ceremony for the four fallen.  Clean the place out to the last piece of broken glass, then blow it flat - not one stone left on another in the German expression - take down the flag, take the flagpole and depart.  Not leave it as some abandoned garage with the papers of the dead still flopping around.

No respect.