Who lost? Our kids lost because they will have to pay for our stupidity

Tom Friedman of The NY Times is correct:  "Sorry, Kids. We Ate It All." Yes, we used the kids' money because we don't have the courage to stop spending.  We went into their "college fund" so that we can pay for that extravagant vacation that we went on last month. We don't have a president who wants to lead.  We have a gerrymandered Congress who doesn't have to negotiate because 95% of them will be reelected.  Last but not least, we have a media treating this whole thing like last month's American League's wild card race.  Who won?  Who lost?  Who is in and who is out? Let me tell you who won?  Nobody! Let me tell who lost.  Everybody, or at least everybody who does not work in the executive or legislative branch. The country lost because we "brokered" another deal that does not fix a darn thing.  It simply postpones all of the difficult choices until mid-January!  Maybe...(Read Full Post)