What happens first? A Miguel Cabrera homerun or Venezuelan devaluation?

Miguel Cabrera and the Tigers will play the Red Sox in Boston on Saturday. Down in Caracas, Cabrera's homeland is in the middle of a huge guessing game about the devaluation of the Venezuelan Bolivar.  The talk of devaluation is just the latest in this parade of "economic disasters" happening in Venezuela. There is nothing good happening in Venezuela, as an old friend told my father last weekend. Andrew Schipiani has a good story about the mess in Caracas: "Beauty pageants are to Venezuela what football is to Argentina or baseball to Cuba - a spectacle that allows people to forget their everyday woes. Yet at the Miss Venezuela competition last week, even the contestant from the capital Caracas had a gritty message for the audience, saying she wanted her country "to fight in the face of adversity".   Not even under the lights could the brunette model dodge the reality that Venezuelans are battling an economic crisis that...(Read Full Post)