The Low Information Voter Obamacare 'Mule' Moment

The mule trainer pickups up the two by four and swing it with all his might.  It strikes the mule directly between the eyes.  The bystander queries, "Why did you do that?"

The mule trainer replies, "First you must get their attention."

Is Obamacare the "two by four" for the low information voter?  Will the pocketbook shock, the threat of fines for noncompliance, and the unworkable mechanism that is the Affordable Health Care fiasco finally awaken the low information, mainstream media coaxed, complacent American?

For if this is not the "Mule" awakening event, then we must go farther, a larger object must be swung to get their attention.  But can the country stand such an occurrence?

The mass confusion, the total breakdown of the health insurance mechanism in this country may indeed be the internal event to begin either the unwinding of governmental influence or the complete assumption of control by same.

It must be never forgotten that government does almost nothing well, regardless of scale. That beyond a handful of situations that warrant a central authority, such as food inspection, air traffic control, etc., encroachment into spheres of activity by government will yield destruction of activity and bureaucratic displacement.  You will reap less from that which is regulated than prior.

We are rooting for the low information voter to crank his awareness, to sharpen his attention.  Only then will the pendulum swing back to a corralled form of government "by the people" and "for the people."